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  • Integration with Facebook OAuth - Lithic.com and EyesBot Watcher
  • Integration with Facebook Graph API for Photos and Invitations - Lithic.com
  • Custom Mime Types and integration with Apps - EyesBot Watcher
  • DOM manipulation and integration into third party sites - Lithic.com
  • MySQL back end for persistence - Lithic.com, EyesBot.com, Upsoni.com


Lithic.com - An update to a calendar site that started as one of the most popular calendar applets of the late 1990s, then a Flash calendar, and now a DHMTL calendar integrated with Facebook for authentication, photos, and events. Ease of use, and elegant use of the Javascript DOM for calendar creation and php graphics functions for making the calendar icons and resizing and cropping images automatically make this a user friendly by technically interesting product.

EyesBot Watcher Personalization - EyesBot Watcher website provides a way to create and share personalized faces for EyesBot Watcher app. The site uses Facebook for OAuth authentication, php for graphics manipulation, Javascript for interactive UI, and a custom MIME type on the server and MIME type handler on the iOS device for permitting the iOS device to get customization downloaded from the websites.

Flower Workshop - A brochureware site for the Flower Workshop app, but the functionality of the site will be extended to include a sharing function for custom flowers if the popularity of Flower Workshop and the coming Butterfly Workshop are sufficient.

RealityWorker.com - The website for Upsoni augmented reality games, currently only JellyFish Downpressor but that will be joined by a second game in September 2013. This site is basically brochureware.

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