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App Development We've used a variety of technologies to develop our apps, including:
EyesBot iOS embedded web server and browser/iDevice communications
Jellyfish Downpressor CALayers, AVFoundation (extensively and creatively), In-App purchase and Integration with the Apple Game Center
EyesBot Watcher AVFoundation and In-App Purchase
Flower Workshop Core Graphics, IAP and emailing from app
EyesBot Driver Integration with external hardware
Server Side Robot Mapping A project we are currently working on using a Node.js front end and a Cassandra back end
Robot Web Service Integration A written up in a blog post
MyRobots API IntegrationWe keep up with the latest technology, including robotics APIs such as MyRobots. A first look at this API was written up in a blog post
Windows Software Motion DetectionC#/WPF application for seeing motion in two images. Written up in a blog post
Object RecognitionAlso a C#/WPF app written up in a blog post
We provide software development services using the following technologies. Our user experience design focuses on ease of use and our overall approach to development is based on high quality compact code.
  • Website development in C# (MVC or ASP.Net), Java (Spring), or PHP
  • Data Modeling and Database Development for SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL
  • Scalable Persistence using SQL or NoSQL databases
  • Horizontal scalability solutions using client or server side session management and asynchronous event processing
  • Front end development using DHTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ajax
  • Desktop Development using C#, Objective-C, or Java (including RCP and GEF)
  • App Development for iPhones and other iDevices
We also provide services that improve software quality and the reliability of delivery of software.
  • Requirements Gathering and Documentation, Software Architectural Documents, Functional Specs
  • Project Management
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