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News 6 August 2013 - EyesBot Watcher Update Released Version 3.0 of the security app now available This update of EyesBot Watcher, an app that uses motion and sound detection and cloud storage to enable you to watch your office or residence while you are gone, adds the ability to save sounds clips and save files on the iPad. In the app store 23 July 2013 - Jellyfish Downpressor Released Version 1.0 of the augmented reality game in the app store After many months of development, Jellyfish Downpressor, an augmented reality game in which Jellyfish appear to swim around you, is now free and in the app store 19 June 2013 - Flower Workshop Released Version 1.0 of a graphics utility app for making custom flowers Easily create custom flowers and send them to friends or save in your camera roll. Free and in the app store 18 June 2013 - EyesBot Lite Update Released Version 1.1 adds remote screen blanking functionality available in the app store 8 June 2013 - Web Services and EyesBot Driver Blog posts contain theory, application, and code A blog post about the benefits of integrating web services and robots for scalability, failover, provisioning, and coordination of robot tasks. For code, a video and discussion, please read the blog post. 3 June 2013 -EyesBot Driver Released First version of the robot controller for iPods free and in the app store
Apps We have seven apps in the app store including apps that stream information from an iOS device (EyesBot, EyesBot Lite, and EyesBot Driver), EyesBot Watcher, which uses cloud storage to provide remote security functions, the games QuickDodgeball and Jellyfish Downpressor, and the graphics utility Flower Workshop. Read More... Sites We have many sites, several of them integrated with Facebook for authentication. They include Lithic.com, EyesBot Personalization, RealityWorker.com, and ThingWorkshop.com Read More... Robots Software we are currently working on or have released include object recognition for Windows, web services that are called by the EyesBot Driver robot, and a mapping server for EyesBot Driver. Read More... Services We provide services related to iOS apps, web applications, and scalable back end persistence, as well as creation and integration of back end services with front end service consumers, including apps, application, website, and robots. Read More...
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